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Leo Van De Kamp

‘Second to None’

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New Patron for the Association
Major General Michael David “Mick” Slater AO, DSC, CSC (Retd)

The President of 2RAR Association, Leo Van De Kamp has much pleasure in announcing that Major General Mick Slater AO, DSC, CSC (Retd) has accepted his invitation to be the Patron of the Association.

General Mick Slater has commanded at all levels from platoon to brigade level. He served as a platoon commander in the 8th/9th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment and 1 RAR, and later as intelligence officer, company commander and operations officer in 2/4 RAR. He was subsequently posted to the School of Infantry. In 1999–2000 he commanded 2 RAR.

His operational commands have included 2 RAR, and the 3rd Brigade on operations in East Timor, during International Force for East Timor (INTERFET).  General Slater was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his distinguished command and leadership while commander of 2 RAR on Operation Warden, in East Timor. Also he served as an operations staff officer in the United States 3rd Army Headquarters in Kuwait on Operation Pollard.

A full biography will be published in the next Issue of RINGO

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Soldiers 2RAR on The Hook Korea July 1953

Soldiers 2RAR on The Hook Korea July 1953

Defensive position 2RAR The Hook 1953

Defensive position 2RAR The Hook 1953

National Korea Veterans’ Day Memorial Service

Saturday 23rd July 2016

This service will be held at the Korean Memorial in Cascade Gardens, Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach.
The Memorial Service and Wreath Laying ceremony will commence at 10.00am lasting approximately 45mins.
All are welcome to attend this service.


Wednesday 27th July 2016

Korea Veterans’ Day Memorial Service will be held at the National Memorial Walk (NMW) Enoggera

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Medals Mal&SVN


I’d never worn my medals; they were left there in the drawer,
so when I finally took them out, it had been twenty years or more.
My daughter saw me take them out, and asked me what they’re for.
I looked at her and calmly said, “ They’re a reminder of a war”.

They remind me of the mates I had, who never made it back;
Who died in a stinking paddy field, or on a jungle track.
They remind me of the troubles, and the hardships we went through.
They remind me why we went there, it was for people just like you.

They remind me of the hellhole, while we were over there.
They remind me of our countrymen, who really didn’t care.
They remind me of the mateship, forged in a foreign land.
They remind me of a certain mate, who lost a bloody hand.

They remind me when we went away; we thought the reason was just.
They remind me of when we came back; they turned their backs on us.
They remind me of the time we spent, there on our own.
They remind that it took twenty years, to welcome us back home.

They remind me of the suffering, the heartache and the pain.
They remind me if we’re called upon, we’d do it all again.
They remind me when I wear them next; the thoughts will come thru then,
at the going down of the sun, and in the morning; “WE WILL REMEMBER THEM”

Then I looked down at her smiling face, and I knew it had not got through.
I said “Listen love, they’re to remind me, I did it all for you.

Jim Egan, Ex Delta Coy, 4 RAR, 1971-72 Vietnam.

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“A Duty Done”
A summary of operations by The Royal Australian Regiment in the Vietnam War 1965-1972
Dedicated to those who served

This is a book that deserves to be on all bookshelves.  The reading is easy, the photographs and maps are plentiful and all the Battalions who served in South Vietnam get a mention.

Extract from the Preface:
“… The book attempts to illustrate the nature of those operations, especially the actions at company, platoon and section level where most of it occurred…. In the process of selecting suitable operations, I was guided by the availability of operational reports that were lucid and accurate. …” – Fred Fairhead

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