Terry Dinneen, former member of D Company and recently member of the Association’s Management Committee has conducted an investigation into the AARs that relate to operations carried by the Battalion in South Vietnam during its first tour of duty in 1967/68.  These AARs are considered to be lost and/or missing. The report outlines the actions Terry has undertaken, over many years, in an attempt to locate these documents. Without these documents, a significant portion of the Battalion history remains unverifiable. 

Report into Missing AAR – October 2015

The 2RAR Association Management Committee has examined the report and agrees the findings.   The Committee makes a plea to everyone to seek their assistance wherever possible to continue the search for these documents.

Further action and/or results should be directed to 2RAR or the Association.

The Committee is extremely grateful to Terry Dinneen for his persistent investigative work in trying to find the AARs. His diligence and untiring efforts are appreciated.