Corporate governance is the systems and processes put in place to control and monitor the Association.  Effective governance structures allow the Management Committee of the Association to exercise their authority appropriately and provide accountability and control systems commensurate with the risks involved.

Management Committee
2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Association is an incorporated body, incorporated in Queensland. The Management Committee is ultimately responsible for the operation of the incorporated association.   The rules of your incorporated association are set out the Constitution or known in Queensland as the Rules.

The Management Committee is elected at a general meeting (usually the AGM) in accordance with your Incorporated Association´s Rules.  Members may nominate candidates and/or they may self-nominate. Election may be by show of hands or by written ballot.  The results are announced to the meeting.

The Committee – Roles and Composition
The Committee’s role is to mange the activities of the Association.  It gives direction to the Association and takes full responsibility for its management.  It does this by:

  • Arranging specific activities and monitoring all actions of the Association,
  • Acting on feedback from the members
  • Developing and adopting an annual budget for the responsible management of the Association’s finances,
  • Conducting regular Committee meetings, and
  • Ensuring that risk management systems are in place.


Leo Van De Kamp

[email protected]

Rick Hollingdrake, OAM

Vice President
[email protected]

Gordon Hurford, AM

[email protected]

(07) 5443 5583
0407 926 270

Norm Devereux

[email protected]

Kevin “Aub” Terry

Membership Officer
[email protected]

Arthur McDonald

[email protected]

Paul King

Annual Reunion 
[email protected]

Dave Hatton

[email protected]

Ross Bimrose

Corporate Governance/Projects
[email protected]

John “Jock” Cassidy

North Queensland Representative
[email protected]

Grahame Edwards

New South Wales Representative
[email protected]

Jim Cooper

Victoria Representative
[email protected]

Malcolm “Mal” Allen

South Australia Representative
[email protected]

Alexander Nie

Western Australia Representative
[email protected]

Cameron Simpkins

Tasmania Representative
[email protected]


Bill Martin

New Zealand Representative

Simon Whitehead

ACT Representative
[email protected]


Northern Territory Representative