Founded in 1923, Legacy is a uniquely Australian charity. There are 49 Legacy Clubs throughout Australia caring for approximately 65,000 widow(er)s of veterans who have died during or as a result of their operational/war service. Legacy is dedicated to enhancing the lives and opportunities of our families through innovative and practical programs aimed at:
* the protection of individuals’ and families’ basic needs;
* advocating for their entitlements, rights and benefits;
* assisting families through bereavement; and
* helping people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.

The service to Legacy dependants is epitomised by the Legacy Badge (above). The torch represents in its undying flame, the service and sacrifice handed to us by our fallen comrades. The wreath of laurel, with points inverted, represents our remembrance of the valour and sacrifice of those who gave their life for their country.

On the Sunshine Coast, there are 1139 Legacy dependents comprising widows, families and disabled dependents. Even if we were to be blessed with no further loss of our military personnel in the future, Legacy still has a commitment of service to families stretching into the middle of the present century. It also has a role to pursue entitlements for dependants whose veteran partners die as a result of war or Defence service.

Chances are you’ve heard of Legacy, but you may not have heard of Legatees. Legatees are the backbone of Legacy, and deliver the vast majority of our services. A Legatee is a volunteer who makes the personal commitment to assist the widows, partners and families of deceased and incapacitated Servicemen and women cared for by Legacy. In the past ex-Service personnel were sought for recruitment as Legatees. Now, those in the community who share the Legacy values and respect the work of Legacy are welcome to join.

Legacy is currently recruiting volunteers who may have an interest in supporting its activities. The type and frequency of engagements undertaken by a Legatee is very much dictated by your availability. You will be the sole determinant of the level of commitment you wish to make. The scope of your volunteering can be as broad or narrow as you wish, and you can expect to be engaged in any or all of the following:
Personal contact with and support of, a number of our elderly widows in your local area, in conjunction with our Community Service staff;
* Visiting our dependants in nursing homes or hospital;
* Planning and organising our Legacy activities and events,
* Promoting Legacy through participation in selected events conducted by others; and
* Fund-raising for Legacy.

If this is you:
A commitment to the ethos of Legacy;
A personal history of integrity and ethical standards;
Life experience and common sense;
Keen interest in working with people;
Good communication and friendly helpful manner; and
* Understanding safe work practices;

Then please call the Sunshine Coast Legacy Office on (07) 5443 9841 and your enquiries will be promptly answered. If you reside outside of the Sunshine Coast, go to www.legacy.com.au for more information on how you can make a difference to Legacy.