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The Management Committee is pleased to announce that the Buderim Tavern on the Sunshine Coast, and The Vale Hotel and The Kirwan Tavern in Townsville, have agreed to sponsor our Association, which commences immediately. We would like this sponsorship to be the start of a long and lasting relationship between the Association and the hotels mentioned.

As part of this agreement all members of our Association in these areas have received a sponsorship card. When you present this card at any of the three mentioned Tavern bars or bistro facilities the Association will earn a 10% rebate on the total spend of your visit… all day, any day.

When you order a drink, a meal or book a function at any of these taverns, mention you have 2RAR Association card and present it at the time of the purchase. The tavern will record your sale. The 10% rebate cannot be made retrospective so make sure you mention it before you pay.

If you do not have the card available at the time, simply advise them of the 2RAR Association account number, which is 007

If you have any questions regarding the cards or other Tavern related matters or wish to book a function please contact the sponsoring Taverns.

We look forward to your support in this venture. You will be helping us achieve the funds we need to help our members now and into the future. It is our hope that at some time in the near future this sponsorship scheme can be developed across Australia for all members to enjoy.